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At Pine Belt Dermatology, the experienced team treats patients with skin cancer through an advanced procedure referred to as Mohs surgery. Patients in Petal, Hattiesburg, Ellisville, and Biloxi, Mississippi can visit Pine Belt Dermatology to undergo this unique treatment. To learn more about Mohs Surgery, call your nearest office or book an appointment online today.

Mohs Surgery Q&A

What is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a surgical procedure used for removal of cancerous skin cells. The procedure was created by Dr. Frederick Mohs in the 1930’s and has come to be known as the most successful treatment for basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. This surgical technique has become extensively utilized since it has the exceptional ability to eliminate cancerous skin cells while conserving the largest amount of healthy skin tissue achievable and it has tremendously high cure rates at 98% or more.

How does Mohs Surgery Work?

Mohs Surgery is achieved by removing thin layers of diseased tissue and examining each layer under a microscope to check if the margins of skin cells present have any malignant cells. If so, the surgery goes on and the process is continued until the margins reveal no malignant skin cells. While this operation can be lengthy, this technique removes the issue of excising large amounts of skin in an effort to eradicate all of the cancerous mass. Exercising large amounts of tissue can create unwanted scarring and can take a longer amount of time to heal, with Mohs Surgery the amount of removed tissue is usually less and the scarring as well as recovery time can also be minimized.

What about Treating Melanomas?

Mohs Surgery has been improved and surgeons are now able to use the procedure on those diagnosed with specific types of melanomas. In previous years, there was unease about the doctor’s ability to view the melanoma cells using the microscope. Now, Mohs surgeons are employing advanced stains which have been designed to enable the doctor to see the highlighted melanoma cells more noticeably. These current developments have permitted surgeons to employ the technique on more forms of melanomas. Mohs Surgery will unquestionably play a huge role in the future of skin cancer operations.

Watch Dr. Roy explain Mohs Surgery and its associated processes:


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